How to Order for International customers


For our overseas customers,

For the purchase of our products, we are now only accepting orders through the use of is a third-party international shipping service agency separate from our milk-web online store.
Any inquiries and questions about shipping procedures may be directed to

3 EASY Steps to purchase


Step 1Register with

When the registration is complete, you will recieve a temporary address in Japan. Free of charge.


Step 2Purchase items from milk-web online store.

When purchasing, please use the address recieved in Step 1.

Step will ship your purchases overseas.

Purchases will be delivered to the store in Japan. After all payment are concluded,

delivery will be made to wherever you are!

You will be subjected to pay an usage fee (that includes service fee + shipping fee)


The cost is reasonable, it is no more than the total of international shipping fee via EMS.
After purchases arrives at, you will need to pay a usage fee to
Then, will deliver the package to your door.




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